Ford finds driving nirvana in forgotten stretch of road in Portugal

Company has been out driving some of the best roads for its Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads video series.

The latest features the N304 in Portugal which has scored highest in the series so far.

Heading across mountains in the north of Portugal and cutting into the Parque Natural do Alvão, the winding N304 may just be Europe’s greatest driving road, says Ford.

It’s wide, has a perfect road surface, offers rhythmic bends and incredible views. Best of all, other drivers rarely use it.

“In three days of filming, we barely saw twenty other cars on it,” said Steve Sutcliffe, the journalist who took the Ford Focus ST there for the video.

“There are other roads that head north and south, so I guess the mad and somewhat twisty N304 is not everybody’s cup of tea… but for keen drivers it’s an unforgettable route.”

Good quality and inexpensive hotels coupled with great little cafes make this scenic part of Portugal a great getaway for sightseers as well as petrolheads, with waterfalls and the river Olo all nearby to explore, says Ford.

The video is the tenth in the series that aims to find Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads, and scores 57/60 across six categories, with maximum scores for Thrill Factor, Hospitality, Scenery and Food and Drink.

Ford’s Top 10 greatest roads, scores out of 60

  • Transfagarasan Highway, Romania 51
  • North York Moors, England 54 (Driven by CarPaul)
  • C462, Catalonia, Spain 56
  • D526, 926, The Alps, France 55
  • B500, The Black Forest, Germany 51
  • MA10, Mallorca, Spain 53
  • Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway 53
  • Via Campocatino, Italy 53
  • Mountain Road, Isle of Man 56
  • N304, Portugal 57 (Driven by CarPaul)

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