Bob Lutz upsets Tesla fanboys again – just when they thought he was being so nice

Paul Fisher | 16 July 2019

Tesla’s online army of fanboy bloggers are incensed by his latest comments that company’s fate is sealed and the Model X is ugly.

Ouch. Never suggest to a Tesla fanboy that their beloved vehicles are ugly. Worse, don’t even suggest its production and sales figures are not as amazing as Elon Musk says.

Fanning the flames
EV fanboy site Electrek quoted an interview Bob Lutz gave to Swiss business newspaper, Handelszeitung.

“The fate of Tesla is sealed. The situation is almost hopeless given the losses they are currently writing. Demand has given away. Tesla had 400,000 pre-orders for the Model 3. In fact, they only sold 80,000 or 90,000 of them, and they have trouble selling more,” said Lutz.

“The Model S is now ten years old, and sales are sluggish. It’s the same picture for the Model X, the SUV with the wing doors – that’s an ugly vehicle anyway,”

“Tesla will have about a year until each of the big global auto companies has its own fleet of electric vehicles on offer. These cars will be as good or even better than Tesla’s.”

Production hell
Leaving aside the fact that Tesla’s cars are indeed ugly and bland, it’s the production figures Lutz quotes that offend Electrek the most.

They are happy to quote Tesla’s own figures as an article of faith and never miss a chance to tell you that Tesla is now outselling Porsche. Tesla of course outsells Ferrari and Lamborghini – is this really Tesla’s competition?

The Handelszeitung editors quote Tesla’s own figures in the original article, but Electrek misses the real point, and omits what Bob Lutz says about Elon Musk, and his impact on the future of Tesla.

“Musk is brilliant, a genius. But like many very intelligent people, he does not know what he does not know. He does not know how a car company has to be run. He does not have the financial side under control. That’s why Tesla is in very bad shape. Elon got into trouble and did not listen to people who know. That’s the danger with such a kind of leader.”

Electrek did not mention this.

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