The temperature is rising, what are the top 10 cars to buy for sizzling summer driving?

CarPaul | June 25 2019

Roadster, cabriolet or drop top. Whatever you want to call them, there’s a great choice of cars to buy that will guarantee summer thrills.

An open top car is always desirable but once summer finally arrives (for the usual two weeks here in the UK) they start to make sense.

Finally your dreams of slipping through the cool evening breeze among the boulevards of Paris, or the early morning air alongside Lake Como can be realised. Perhaps that trip down Big Sur from San Fran to LA you’ve always promised yourself.

More likely, a quick jaunt to the pub, beach or Tesco. Whatever, it’s still more fun with the sunnies on and the top down. Yes, even on the North Circular.

And when it starts raining, rest assured that today’s crop of cabs all have sleek fast folding, leak proof hoods to keep you cosy and dry.

Click below to view the ten best cabriolets to buy right now and book a test drive (before the weather changes).

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