ranked the 15 ‘most American vehicles’ and the results are surprising

by Kyle Hyatt | Road/Show | June 25 2019

With 3 of the list’s top 5 spots being occupied by one Japanese manufacturer, it makes you wonder what everyone else is thinking.

The world is a complicated place, and that maxim also trickles down to the automotive industry. People like to “vote with their dollar” but doing so can be tricky with so many traditionally American manufacturers producing their vehicles overseas and so many foreign automakers building their US-market vehicles right here in the USA.

So, what are you — as a consumer — supposed to do if you want to buy American? Maybe, more importantly, which vehicle can you buy that will have the most significant positive impact on the American economy? These are serious questions, but the folks from decided to crunch a lot of numbers and get to the bottom of it, and it published the results on Tuesday.

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