Divine intervention saves German driver from speeding ticket

A passing dove blocked his face at the precise moment speed camera took the picture.

The driver of a Renault Twingo doing 54kph (33mph)in a 30kph zone has the Good Lord to thank for not getting a ticket and €105 ($118) fine. The car was snapped in the town of Viersen, north west Cologne.

Just as the the picture was taken, a dove flew in front of the windscreen obscuring the driver’s face.

The police decided not to prosecute. Instead, they decided the sudden presence of the bird of peace was an act of divine intervention.

“We have understood the sign and will leave the driver in peace this time. However, we hope that the protected driver understands this “hint from above” as well and drives appropriately in the future,” said Viersen police in a statement.

The bird, seemingly going even faster than the Twingo, was also spared prosecution. “We will allow grace to prevail here as well,” said police.

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