BMW carries curved dash tradition into new electric generation

Munich’s finest have always been famous for their driver oriented dashboard designs. Now the famous curved dash will appear in a new guise in the iNext.

The next generation of fully digital display will be seen in the BMW iNEXT, which is due to be produced as BMW’s technology flagship from 2021 onwards. In the new Curved Display featured in the BMW iNEXT, information and control display areas are merged to create a single unit that is curved towards the driver.

Even now, BMW has not abandoned the traditional two dial setup that has been a feature of its cars for decades. But it too will adopt the increasingly prevalent multi function screens in the next generation electric vehicles.

However, the pictures released today by BMW will give hope to BMW fans that the screens will be digital interpretation of the ergonomic philosophy that has served the company and its customers so well.

The dash in the new 1-Series BMW. Still very much what you’d expect from Munich. Compared to the screen fest going on in some rivals it’s a model of restraint. Let’s hope the new Curved Display continues this fine ergonomic tradition.

“The curved, single-section display is the central control element and represents the modern interpretation of driver orientation. It occupies a dominant central position in a highly iconic display structure that provides a highly distinctive display experience,” said Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design.

“The Curved Display is set in high-quality materials and is virtually freely suspended on the instrument panel. This makes it a key element in terms of the modern, luxurious and generous sense of space in the BMW iNEXT.”

The Curved Display is positioned in such a way that vehicle occupants cannot see its connection to the instrument panel. This means it conveys a particularly striking sense of lightness.

BMW says the Curved Display draws its inspiration from modern consumer electronics technology, with element itself being held in place by an extremely slim magnesium bracket.

“The Curved Display in the BMW iNEXT takes us to the next level of driver-oriented controls,” said Robert Irlinger, Head of BMW i.

“The new display unit enables intuitive, natural and ergonomically perfect use of the touch function.”

There is one big difference between the new Curved Display and BMW’s traditional dash – it’s customisable.

Depending on the situation and individual preferences, individual display content items can be shifted back and forth between the display area in the driver’s direct field of vision and the area that can be used by the front passenger.

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