Despite the scooter talk, Ford will keep on trucking

Despite the agenda pleasing talk of scooters and mobility futures, Ford’s CFO knows where the company’s bread is still buttered. At least for now.

Bob Shanks told investors in New York that it fully intends to carry on dominating the truck segment it has ruled for years.

“That is a segment that we are not taking our foot off the pedal whatsoever,” said Shanks. “We’re in an extremely, extremely strong position relative to the products themselves. We feel comfortable in terms of our competitive position..”

Ford sells more trucks than its main rivals FCA and GM, both of which will be launching new models. Shanks was bullish on this.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve been to this rodeo,” Shanks said. “I think we know how to manage that…we’re ready to respond and to protect the franchise.”

Ford CFO Bob Shanks: no stranger to the rodeo.

In a veiled dig at rival GM Shanks also said the company is not restructuring.

“Ford is doing more than cutting jobs and closing plants around the world, he said. “The company is doing things that it probably should have done many, many years ago,”

“We’re making very, very clear choices, and this is going to look very different going forward…It’s going to be a different company. It’s going to be a strong company.”

Ford plans to debut an all-new F-150 pickup later in the year.

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