New UK ride hailing app empowers drivers and passengers

Passengers can use xooox app to hail both minicabs & taxicabs. Drivers get complete control over how they work and what they charge.

A UK start up has launched new ride-hailing app that aims to give more control to both riders and drivers

Perfect Data rolled xooox [pronounced zooks’] out across the UK today. The company says it provides more choice and wider geographical coverage than any other cab app.

Unlike other ride-hailing apps, xooox also gives cab drivers the freedom to find their own fares and set their own prices.

With xooox, passengers can search for minicabs, black cabs and other taxicabs, choosing between rides based on the cost of the fare, type of cab, its emissions, ETA, boot space, number of seats and whether its wheelchair accessible.

Perfect Data claims that xooox works anywhere in the country – including rural communities and the many towns and cities where other apps aren’t licensed.

Any of the UK’s 400,000 licensed drivers – both independent cabbies and drivers working for minicab operators – can download and use the new xooox driver app from the App Store and Google Play Store for free.

Unlike existing apps, which tell drivers which passengers to pick up and how much to charge, xooox gives drivers a live map of all local passengers actively searching for a cab, so they can choose their own work.

Drivers set their own prices, decide which jobs they accept and define how far they will travel for a pick-up. They can even flex their offer in real-time to take control over how much work they get.

Darren Tenney: “I ‘ad that Elon Musk in the back of the cab once. Be lucky pal.”

“xooox places drivers firmly back in control of their livelihoods. For too long, drivers have had two options – find their own fares without the help of technology, or be enslaved to an algorithm that dictates when they work and for how much.” said
Darren Tenney, the ex-cab driver who founded Perfect Data, the company behind xooox, said

“xooox changes the game forever; from now on, drivers are in charge of the tech, not the other way around.”

Darren Tenney

Red light indicates doors are secured
xooox has been designed with a number of safety measures built in. Only fully licensed taxi and private hire drivers can use the app to search for fares, while passengers can automatically report a driver to their licensing body all via one touch of an icon.

All of the UK’s 350+ cab regulators – often local authorities – will get free-of-charge access to the xooox technology platform, enabling them to see a live map of all vehicles operating in their areas.

“Regulators have been flying blind for way too long. They have plenty of rules about which drivers, vehicles and operators can work on their patch, but they have had no way of enforcing them,” said Tenney.

“We’re the first ride-hailing service to open up its technology platform to the regulators, letting them see what’s actually happening at street-level.”

Regulatory authorities can also use the data from the xooox platform to inform their smart cities and environmental initiatives, including the introduction and enforcement of low emissions zones.

The xooox service has been in development since 2015. It leverages patent-pending entity search engine technology, to connect drivers with passengers in real-time, allowing them to strike their own deals, without any interference from algorithms, says the company.

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