Hope for GM workers as electric truck maker eyes Lordstown plant

The Detroit News reports the plant closed as part of restructuring could be sold to Workhorse, a little known Ohio manufacturer of hybrid trucks and electric vans.

Workhorse is small and lacks the cachet of Tesla but its ideas and vehicles look functional enough.

For example, the W-15 hybrid truck features an outlet on its flank for owners to plug in power tools.

If the sale goes through, Workhorse founder Steve Burns said the company plans to build a fully electric vehicle at the plant.

What a great idea. The W-15 truck has a built-in power socket right where you need it.

GM has been widely criticised for the closure of Lordstown and other plants, so a sale would go some way to softening the blow.

“We remain committed to growing manufacturing jobs in the U.S., including in Ohio, and we see this development as a potential win-win for everyone,” said GM CEO Mary Barra.

“Workhorse has innovative technologies that could help preserve Lordstown’s more than 50-year tradition of vehicle assembly work.”

Like Tesla, Workhorse has struggled to make a profit so far but the company hopes that the acquisition of the plant will attract new investors.

GM is a potential suitor for the company but neither company commented on this.

According to The Detroit News, Workhorse is competing against Ford and other majors to build the next generation of the U.S. Postal Service’s delivery vans.

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