Official: German drivers find car keys annoying

Bosch survey shows 40% of respondents would happily replace car keys with an app.

Who knew that Germans suffer such neurosis over car keys? They stress about what to do with their keys when they go to the pool (45%). Another 44% can’t remember where they put them (in general, not at the pool) and 38% lose them altogether. Oh dear, and young Germans struggle with classic car keys – you know, the ones that look like keys.

The good news for Germany and Bosch, who sponsored this survey, is that help is on its way in the form of smartphone based entry systems. Forty percent of respondents said they’s welcome such technology.

“The advantages of a digital car key are obvious: it is comfortable, safe and available anytime and anywhere, “said Harald Kröger, president of the Automotive Electronics division of Bosch.

Bosch is developing the Perfectly Keyless app to allow drivers to open the car, and start the engine without using a key or having to look for the smartphone.

Mein Gott, was zur Hölle ist das?

The sensors integrated in the vehicle detect the smartphone of the owner and, recognizing the user, open the door. The level of security is comparable to fingerprint technology, according to Bosch.

The system can be easily deactivated if the smartphone is lost, and the app also allows temporary access by other users.F

46% of men, 32% of women and one SUV driver out of two said they were excited about the idea of ​​a digital app on the smartphone for closing the car. People traveling between 15.001 km and 20.000 km / year (49%) or more than 20.000 km / year (51%) are particularly interested in this type of system.

Survey respondents also saw advantages in a digital car key: 30% appreciate the possibility of deactivating the system online if the smartphone is lost. P

Most German motorists currently shut down and open their cars using systems whose codes can be easily intercepted and manipulated.

Although 87% of respondents consider conventional wireless remote controls safe and 78% have the same idea regarding keyless systems, one in five has suffered a theft or a violation of their car or knows someone who has had these experiences.

So the digital key would seem to ease many German motorists fears around car keys – hooray. Except, you’ve still got the problem of what to do with the smartphone at the Schwimmbad?

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