Cool women and their cars

From Thelma and Louise to Her Majesty the Queen, cool women and great cars make a powerful mix. Enjoy our gallery of the cars that famous women own and drive. Just a few, we are sure you know more…

The auto world is, like many others, dominated by men. Most car designers are men, most automotive CEOs are men, most racing drivers – and so on. But that doesn’t mean that times are not changing. Critics (read: arseholes at The Guardian) of Top Gear and the Grand Tour often like to dismiss it as entertainment for middle aged white blokes. But that isn’t true, if you bother to look at the demographics or just your ears and eyes. Nor is it true that motorsport is only enjoyed by men. Women love cars, just not as many as the number of men who do – yet. (Great sentence).

The Gallery: Clockwise from top left: Kate Moss in a Jag, The Queen in her Land Rover, Kate models Chanel atop a Fiat 500, Joan Didion and her Corvette Stingray, Lady Gaga in a Mercedes and below, a Ford Bronco, Kate (again!) steps out of her 911, The Queen in a big old Vauxhall Cresta Estate (one of two), GM CEO Mary T Barra and the new mid-engined Corvette in Manhattan, Misfit Marilyn, Marilyn in her Caddy, Thelma and Louise and centre: Monroe knows what a mirror is for.

Main image: Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) from Roma reflects on life in the back of the Ford Galaxie 500 that was the auto star of that movie. The cheating husband left in a VW Beetle (boo!), the Galaxie cradled Cleo and the kids after he was gone.

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