Extinction Rebellion climate luvvies block London’s roads and bridges

Thousands of middle-class climate change activists block key road and bridges in Central London in protest while police look on.

Like all protestors who organise without permission, the carbon dodgers behind Extinction Rebellion believe their actions are justified – and so is the inconvenience and disruption caused to everyone else.

“We don’t want to disrupt people, but our government’s failure over the last 30 years leaves us no choice,” an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson told The Guardian.

“Governments prioritise the short-term interests of the economic elites so, to get their attention, we have to disrupt the economy.” A disrupted economy – just what the UK needs right now.

Blimey, all I said was that I quite fancy the new M5 Competition.

The planned non-violent protest was largely non-violent if graffitiing the Shell HQ and smashing its glass doors is judged non-violent.

Only non-toxic, sustainably sourced, organic aerosol paint was used.

The Financial Times reported that commuters whose journeys had been delayed appeared both annoyed and amused by the protests.

“Obviously it is irritating to have it affect your daily commute, but I think it’s an important cause,” said Arabella, a commuter, as she walked across Waterloo Bridge after it had been shut down.

“I think it is good for bringing awareness. Obviously the impact on other people is a bit of a nuisance, but I think it’s probably for the better.”

For the record, the protestors did bring a Mercedes-Benz diesel truck along with them. Let’s hope they paid the new ULEZ tax.

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