New SEAT Tarraco SUV is “symbol of confidence”

SEAT’s biggest product offensive has reached its climax with the introduction of the brand’s new flagship model, the Tarraco.

The large SUV will be built at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant. It will bring higher margins to the increasingly confident subsidiary.

Under the leadership of the flamboyant Luca de Meo, President of SEAT, the company, has been growing its portfolio and increasing its competitiveness, allowing it to cover 80% of vehicle segments in the European market.

In 2018, the brand reached a total volume of 517,600 vehicles globally, 10.5% more than in 2017 exceeding the record set in 2000.

In the UK, SEAT broke yet more records selling 62,863 vehicles, 12% more than in 2017. Financial results announced at the SEAT annual press conference on 27 March exceeded all expectations.

The new SUV blends the key attributes of every vehicle in the SEAT range – design and functionality, sportiness and comfort, technology and emotion – but in a form that suits a wider variety of lifestyles.

As the SUV market continues to expand, Tarraco will play a key role for SEAT, strengthening the brand and aiding further growth at a time when the company’s sales are rising steadily. With a trio of SUVs to offer, the opportunities for expansion become much clearer, with Tarraco leading the way for the brand, said the company in a press release.

SEAT’s new SUV. Goes up hills, looks nothing like a Volkswagen.

Named after the Mediterranean city of Tarragona – a historic, cultural centre with awe-inspiring architecture, the name Tarraco was chosen by a popular vote. More than 146,000 SEAT enthusiasts participated in the final phase of the #SEATseekingName competition.

“SEAT is experiencing its biggest product offensive in recent times. The introduction of the SEAT Tarraco, our very first large SUV, forms part of our €3.3 billion investment between 2015 and 2019 in the company’s future and the range of vehicles we offer,” said Luca de Meo.

“It not only completes our family of SUVs, but brings a new vigour to the segment and will help bring new customers to the SEAT family.”

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